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The Game of Life

I’ve been playing organized sports since I was in elementary school. And it’s true what they say: It’s way more fun when you win. The youngest of three children, I’ve always had a competitive nature,… Read More »The Game of Life

Brian Timpone is Killing Journalism

In the June 29 episode of This American Life, Journatic founder Brian Timpone posits that his sweatshop media company, which farms out “local reporting” to the Philippines and Eastern Europe, is saving journalism. He’s so far off base that I almost feel sorry for the guy. Then I remember he’s the Benedict Arnold of media.

A former reporter, Timpone knows the rigors of true, gum-shoe journalism. No writer goes into the biz for the money, but paying a reporter $12 for a story? Or, as it reportedly plays out for those scribes overseas, 40 cents? You get what you pay for, and I wouldn’t wipe my bum with a 40-cent roll of toilet paper.Read More »Brian Timpone is Killing Journalism

Doing Time for Committing No Crime

I suppose there’s never a good time to be wrongfully imprisoned, but now is as close to good as it gets. Today, Michael Anthony Green is scheduled to be a free man for the first time in 27 years. Green is now the longest-serving inmate to be exonerated in Texas. He was wrongfully convicted of rape in 1983.

Texas, Our Texas

Texas: It’s a whole other country. While this phrase once caused me to smile and reflect fondly upon my native state, I’m not a fan of the latest manifestation of Texas’ rogue attitude: Rewriting History. On May 21, the Texas State Board of Education voted 9 to 5 to amend the social studies and history curriculum. The votes were taken right along party lines, with all Republicans in favor and all Democrats opposed.

In Dog We Trust

I feel I should preface this post with the fact that I do indeed, like dogs. All my life, I’ve enjoyed having a furry friend scampering about the house. Even though my first dog, Blanche, bit everyone who came over—family members included, I still have fond memories of her, tolerating our presence as she did.

Bring on The Madness

I’ve always been a basketball fan. While I may not have the height to compete at a high rank, I enjoy everything from pick-up to play-off games, with ranging levels of personal participation. So when March rolls around, I’m in hoops heaven. With the NCAA Tournament starting on Thursday, I needed to stretch my basketball-watching muscles in preparation for the big dance. I decided on an old favorite—The Houston Rockets.

Slight Adjustments

While my body is constantly in America, my mind is often in Ukraine. And I’m not talking about memories. My outlook on life is so changed that I routinely act in manner more befitting a Ukrainian than an American.