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The Power of Information

I’m at the halfway-point of my Peace Corps training program, and I’m getting really excited about teaching full-time and being in my new site. Of course I still don’t know where that is and what exactly I’ll be doing, but that’s part of the allure.

Ike, I hardly knew ye

Frightening radar images projected Hurricane Ike would decimate not only Galveston and Houston, but the surrounding areas as well. While certain parts of South Texas are devastated, Katy is not one of them.

When in doubt, blame the media

Palin has no one to blame but herself for the so-called “invasion” of her family privacy. By choosing to simultaneously parade and hide her pregnant teen, Palin thrust her daughter into the spotlight but asked that we wouldn’t look too closely. Give me a break.

And who is my neighbor?

Yesterday, a friend of mine with a pretty popular blog asked me to write a guest column. Naturally, I was thrilled. Jenny Simmons, lead singer of Addison Road and fellow Baylor grad, had written a post about the largest illegal immigration raid in history when a robust debate broke out. When she asked me to write a post addressing the question, “What should we as Christians do?” there were 9 comments. Just 24 hours later there were 18. Enter my column, reposted here.