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Texas, Our Texas

Texas: It’s a whole other country. While this phrase once caused me to smile and reflect fondly upon my native state, I’m not a fan of the latest manifestation of Texas’ rogue attitude: Rewriting History. On May 21, the Texas State Board of Education voted 9 to 5 to amend the social studies and history curriculum. The votes were taken right along party lines, with all Republicans in favor and all Democrats opposed.

Simon Says: It's time for a new post

It’s been awhile since my last post. Although I am a repeat offender, I am contrite. It’s not that I mean to neglect this blog. It just happens. The reasons are varied. In the winter, it was more paralysis, brought on by snowstorms and 4 p.m. sunsets. In the spring, it’s quite the opposite.

Baylor fires second president in as many years

The Baylor Board of Regents announced today that President John Lilley has been fired for “failing to bring the Baylor family together.” In two years of what was supposed to be a unifying presidency following the tumultuous Sloan years, Lilley managed to further alienate faculty, students and alumni alike.