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Poverty and Social Justice

Brian Timpone is Killing Journalism

In the June 29 episode of This American Life, Journatic founder Brian Timpone posits that his sweatshop media company, which farms out “local reporting” to the Philippines and Eastern Europe, is saving journalism. He’s so far off base that I almost feel sorry for the guy. Then I remember he’s the Benedict Arnold of media.

A former reporter, Timpone knows the rigors of true, gum-shoe journalism. No writer goes into the biz for the money, but paying a reporter $12 for a story? Or, as it reportedly plays out for those scribes overseas, 40 cents? You get what you pay for, and I wouldn’t wipe my bum with a 40-cent roll of toilet paper.Read More »Brian Timpone is Killing Journalism

Doing Time for Committing No Crime

I suppose there’s never a good time to be wrongfully imprisoned, but now is as close to good as it gets. Today, Michael Anthony Green is scheduled to be a free man for the first time in 27 years. Green is now the longest-serving inmate to be exonerated in Texas. He was wrongfully convicted of rape in 1983.

And who is my neighbor?

Yesterday, a friend of mine with a pretty popular blog asked me to write a guest column. Naturally, I was thrilled. Jenny Simmons, lead singer of Addison Road and fellow Baylor grad, had written a post about the largest illegal immigration raid in history when a robust debate broke out. When she asked me to write a post addressing the question, “What should we as Christians do?” there were 9 comments. Just 24 hours later there were 18. Enter my column, reposted here.

Hug a tree for Jesus

With the election looming and voter turnout up across the board, the youth vote has attracted its fair share of attention. Harvard University’s Institute of Politics reports that for the first time since Richard Nixon was in office, young people are turning out to vote in high numbers. Perhaps more interesting than sheer volume is how we youngsters are voting and why.