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John McCain

When in doubt, blame the media

Palin has no one to blame but herself for the so-called “invasion” of her family privacy. By choosing to simultaneously parade and hide her pregnant teen, Palin thrust her daughter into the spotlight but asked that we wouldn’t look too closely. Give me a break.

Taxes make the world go round

I remember listening to a speech by Senator John McCain a couple of weeks ago where he said if you wanted to pay more taxes, vote for Obama. It’s an ironic quip in light of the projected national debt.

You say Barack-Star like it's a bad thing

I wonder when it became a character flaw to have poise. I wonder why Barack Obama’s knowledge of pop culture (the fist bump or brushing the dirt off his shoulder, for example), good looks, and commanding presence on stage are somehow reasons to believe he’s all flash and no substance.

Obama can stand on his own

“They said this day would never come” is one of Barack Obama’s favorite sound bytes. I’ve heard him recite it in person twice, once in Austin in 2007 and again in San Marcos just a few months ago.